THRIVE - A book by Dr Greg Venning with Elan Lohmann - Only for those who want to be healthy

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Thrive! - Only for those who want to be healthy

By Dr Greg Venning with Elan Lohmann

Discover a Vitalistic Lifestyle:

  • Unleash Your Vitality
  • Look Good Naked
  • Find Focus
  • Beat Fatigue
  • Boost Moods
  • Reverse The Effects of the Ageing Process
  • Dance Through The Chaos of Life

What You Will Learn

More than ever we are struggling with our health, well-being and personal performance. We battle with our weight, our energy, our fitness and our focus. We feel more fatigued, more frustrated and more confused than ever.

Different experts tell us to eat differently, exercise differently and take different supplements and the results of our efforts are usually short term at best.

Thrive! takes you on a logical journey through what it is to be healthy. This is not another fad, new age health rant. There are no expensive foods, gizmos or gadgets to buy. There is just solid common sense application of scientifically validated and substantiated facts.

Thrive! explores the 4 myths of the sick-care system and elegantly covers the 4 truths of a vitalistic lifestyle and how to embrace them in order to live a bigger life.

You will learn more about the delicate ecosystem that your body is and how you are one with nature. As you gain this awareness you will trust in your innate intelligence and the vitality that springs from inside out.

Who Should Read It

This book is for you if you are:

  •  looking for a way to make your mind, body and world a better place to inhabit
  •  looking for ways to improve your and your family's health
  •  looking for ways to improve your personal performance

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